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Bilingual & accessible

Texts in Polish and English. The exhibition is wheelchair accessible.

Tickets and prices

Tickets are now available in advance!
For visitors who do not have the opportunity to buy their ticket online in advance, tickets will also be available at the box office from the start of the exhibition. Important: Due to the limited number of visitors to the exhibition, however, it is recommended - especially for visitors with a longer journey - to buy a ticket online in advance for the desired day and time slot, otherwise there may be longer waiting times.

Flex / gift tickets

If you want to remain flexible or give tickets as a gift, flex/gift tickets are the right thing for you. This allows access to the exhibition at any time during the exhibition period without advance reservation or time commitment, and there is no time limit on the length of stay. These tickets are only available in limited numbers.

Time slot tickets

In order to be able to direct the flow of visitors optimally, the booking of a time slot is required. With the time slot ticket, access to the exhibition is possible within the booked time slot. The duration of stay is unlimited.

Time slot tickets*Mon. - Fri.Sat, Sun & Holidays
Standard ticket65.00 zł75.00 zł
(students < 26 years, seniors 65+)
55.00 zł65.00 zł
People with disabilities
(+ accompanying person)
45.00 zł55.00 zł
(6 < 19 years old)
45.00 zł55.00 zł
(2 adults and 2 children 6 < 19 years old)
160.00 zł190.00 zł
Child under 6 years**
(accompanied by an adult)
Free admission
Flex/gift ticketsAny day during the exhibition period, not bound to a time slot.
Voucher85.00 zł
Group ticketsMon. - Fri.
School classes* (6 < 19 years old)
40.00 zł

Frequently asked questions


The duration of stay in the exhibition is unlimited within the opening hours. We recommend that you plan about 1.5 hours for the visit. The duration depends on how long you want to look at each work and whether you want to read all the available information. Experience has shown that using the multimedia tour will extend the time spent in the exhibition. After leaving the exhibition, re-entry is not possible.


The exhibition is suitable for wheelchair users.


Eating and drinking is not permitted in the exhibition area.


Yes, there are no restrictions in this respect.


Yes, the ticket price includes a comprehensive and informative digital guide with descriptions and graphics, which can be called up on site using the QR code on your own smartphone.


Please contact the exhibition staff:


Payment can be made by credit card or in cash.


Yes, if space permits. On busy days, the baby carriage may have to be parked in the lobby.


Yes, the exhibition store offers a wide range of souvenirs for Banksy fans - from postcards, magnets and mugs to stylish T-shirts and hoodies! You can also design a Banksy-style T-shirt yourself using a stencil and a spray can (plain T-shirts can also be bought on site).


Only one guide or assistance dog may enter the exhibition. This must be registered in advance at:


Flashing lights are used in the exhibition. If this causes problems, please contact the staff on site (visitors will be informed which parts of the exhibition are affected).