Due to the extension of the lockdown the opening of the exhibition will unfortunately have to be postponed until further notice.
It is already confirmed that “The Mystery of Banksy” at Isarforum will be extended until May 2nd! Everything is set up already and can and will be opened as soon as the pandemic-caused restrictions allow it!

Tickets already purchased remain valid and do not have to be exchanged: Time slot tickets for the period from November 19 to March 9 and November till February Flexi tickets will be automatically converted into Flexi tickets for the entire duration of the exhibition (without date and time slot restrictions) without any additional charge.

The brand new show in honour of the graffiti and art icon is coming to Munich!

He’s world famous but still a mystery – Banksy, the Bristol-born and to this day anonymous graffiti artist and painter, known for challenging the boundaries of the art market, who has been causing a sensation with his work for many years. With “The Mystery of Banksy – A Genius Mind”, a brand new show in honour of the art icon is coming to Munich!

The exhibition shows an unprecedented presentation with more than 100 works, including some original pieces by the acclaimed street art superstar: graffiti, photographs, sculptures, video installations and prints on various materials such as canvas, fabric, aluminum, forex and plexiglass, exclusively made, reproduced and collected for this special show.

The whole experience is completed by an exciting video that illuminates the most important stages of an unheard-of career.

“The Mystery of Banksy – A Genius Mind” gives the visitor a comprehensive overview and insight into the complete works of the genius and exceptional artist in an elaborate and unique setting.

According to Banksy’s principle “Copyright is for losers © TM”, this homage is not officially authorised due to his anonymous status.


Extended until May 2nd!

Closed until March 9!


Isarforum (Ludwigsbrücke)

Forum am Deutschen Museum, Munich

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Sunday

11 am – 7 pm
Last admission 6 pm

Who is Banksy?

When it comes to street art you can’t ignore him: Banksy, probably the most famous and the most mysterious graffiti artist in the world. His identity is being successfully kept secret by the 45-ish-year-old Brit. His works, on the other hand, not only conquer the streets all over the world but also the auction houses – and with great success: He is currently one of the most expensive artists of our time!

Banksy is without a doubt the undisputed king of street art, a brilliant spirit and star artist who touches people with his sometimes ironic, sometimes political, but always poetic works and speaks to them from the heart. When the city of Bristol put its citizens to a vote in 2009 whether to remove Banksy‘s works from the townscape, 97 percent voted against it. A clear vote for his art. Banksy is a star far beyond the boundaries of the art market.

In 2010, Time Magazine put him on its list of the world’s 100 most influential people for the first time, alongside personalities such as Barack Obama, Steve Jobs and Lady Gaga.

There's nothing more dangerous than someone who wants to make the world a better place.

Remember it’s always easier to get forgiveness than permission.

Nothing is black and white.

Any fame is a by-product of making something that means something.

Copyright is for losers ©TM